28 August, 2014

keep up

Last 4 day is one of my happy day.

Sahabat datang tidur at our humble house. Parents yang suka datang tetiap bulan eventho anak dia ni bukan la tahap yg dia expect.

Aku rindu hubungan persahabatan kami. Saat kami mudah bercerita untuk Saling menasihati dan mengingati. Sungguh rindu.

I learnt a lot from my parents. They taught me a lot. If not them, I wont be who I am.

We tend to put high expectations to our children, till we didnt realize we give a huge burden to them. Why must a child be a top student? Why must child meet our goals not theirs? Why cant they be what they want? What is the parents role? Shaping them? Nurturing them?

I hate to compare but I will do secretly. For me to know my children strengths n weaknesses. For me to concentrate on their bright sight rather than the downside.

This, I did not learn in years of schooling time. This is the on going process.

Why must be bound to the mainstream? I choose to waddle differently. U, can choose your path. We may across each other, but rather we argue, I choose to agree to disagree.

Ilmu tuhan terlalu banyak untuk kita kata kita tahu semuanya. Kami adalah pakar, anda tidak tahu apa2. Science will evolve, someday the latest technology will no longer valid. Someday your research will be revealed to be wrong. What will we do then?

Makin banyak belajar makin Bodoh, makin banyak tahu makin tidak tahu.
Tahu tidak bermakna faham. Faham hendaklah mahir.

20 August, 2014


Rijal bangun tidu,

R: Umi, ijal nak tertucin, nanti ijan tido balik, totis td dia tgh bunang (berenang)

Umi, kerut dahi.

Ragam anak.