12 January, 2011

sekadar renungan

puas aku godek2,xjumpa pon blog adik azzamaro ni...ni amik kat blog azzamaro.
sodih baca ni..
When we are getting older, we will have an eraser.


Here.. ~Brain~

That is why old people tend to forget and their personalities will rotate back as they were a young kid.

Dementia, Alzheimer, Vascular Dementia..
No medication to treat the diseases
Except, to only slow down the process

Other management would be
-Physical support
-Emotional support
-Proper nutrition

That is when our role begin

our responsibilities

the time when we have to re-pay back everything...

..If they forget again and again, remind them again and again
..If they asked you something repeatedly, answer them repeatedly without sigh
..If they have urinary or bowel incontinence, clean it properly
..If they need the medications on time, give them accurately on time
..If they crying, persuade them
..If they can't walk and have to use wheelchair or walking stick, aid them
..If they want to tell you something, listen to them
..If they are unable to take a bath, aid them
..If they called up your name, come and sit near them

as they have done all of this to us once..

We have to admit that the time will come,

When our parents need us to do all of this,

It's a cycle-never-end

Because so called 'the blessing' will be rewarded back to us from Allah s.w.t

Our kids will see how we treat our parents, and they as well do such
If we send them to Rumah Kebajikan, our kids WILL send us to Rumah Kebajikan,
If we ignore them, our kids WILL ignore us,


If we pour the love and tender to them,
and try our best to treat them with the highest quality of life towards their end,
Insha'allah, we will be treated the same way too.


we never know what will happen to us in the old age
*if we are given a long life expantency lah*

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LeeN said...

hyeeee :)

teguhkan semangat anda utk bf tau. keep up the good job! apa-apa pun, kita cuma berusaha kan? selebihnya, kita doa n berserah.

gambatte ne! :)